Rivets production

1. According to DIN standards we offer:

  • solid rivets »A« shape.
  • semi-tubular rivets »B« shape.

2. According to material:

  • steel rivets.
  • aluminium and its alloy rivets,
  • copper and brass rivets,
  • stainless steel rivets.

3. Other screw products

  • axles,
  • bolts,
  • multi-stage rivets,
  • other custom products.

Rivets can be made from one to ten millimeters thick. They are manufactured according to applicable standards: DIN 660, DIN 661, DIN 662, DIN 674 and DIN 7338. We also manufacture rivets according to plans and special requirements. If necessary, we also take care of galvanic protection of products.


Iron rivets - Presvit d.o.o.
Iron rivets
Aluminium rivets - Presvit d.o.o.
Aluminium rivets
Copper rivets - Presvit d.o.o.
Copper rivets
Stainless steel rivets - Presvit d.o.o.
Stainless steel rivets
Brass rivets - Presvit d.o.o.
Brass rivets