Company Presvit was established in year 1990 as a family company, which has developed from a private trade workshop.
The founder Emil Hvala begun with the bussines in 1968. Rivet production has always been main activity..

Rivet production turned out to be the right choice and within very short period of time the production grew up to such extent that new production hall needed to be built. In the mid seventies the business moved to new premises where is still operating.

Manufacturing program covers the offer and request of full and semi-tubular steel, aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel rivets. Rivets and other products can be made in thickness from one to ten milimeters. They are made according to DIN, EN and other international standards, by technical drawings, designs or made to order by customers.

Besides rivets production company offers services of cold wire drawing for external customers.

Rivets are sold mostly to automotive, tool and other metal processing industry. Products are also parts of different kinds of household appliances and incorporated in metal constructions, frames, farm machinery.

Products are mostly exported and sold on domestic market to bigger companies, trading firms an other regular customers. Rivets that are incorporated in other products are being sold all over the world.

Customers and demands require constant modernising of production and adjustment to the market. We are trying to follow these changes and make our customers satisfied with quality products and quick delivery.


  • satisfaction of our customers and other bussines partners,
  • a social responsible company,
  • market orientation,
  • targeting to the markets of EU and other markets,
  • raising the level of technology processes,
  • reduction of the costs,
  • satisfied employees,
  • high level of bussines culture.


We aim to become accountable and premier supplier of our customers,

Being reliable, concern and responsive for our customer,

Manufacture  and deliver our products with ordered characteristics, quality and terms,

Organize all processes in the way that they follow required standards of quality, economic, safety and ecology,

Build on improvement and optimizing the production proces,

Care for sustainable development.


  • creativity and ambitiousness,
  • qualified, responsible and committed employees,
  • healty and safe working and living space,
  • enviromentally responsible,
  • looking towards the future, new challenges, ideas and constant development,
  • positive thinking,
  • respect and cooperation,
  • honesty,
  • efficiency,
  • responsibility.